Shakir Agriculture Ltd – Leading Provider Of Agriculture

The organic market is one of the rapidly flourishing markets in the agriculture and culinary industries and Shakir Agriculture Industries Ltd wants to bring pure organic ingredients to consumers. Since 2015, Shakir Agriculture has been one of Uganda’s renowned organic growers and processors. Located in the Mityana District, our primary crops are CoffeeBird’s eye chiliVanillaCashew nutsSesameCocoaMacadamia and Kidney beans.

Shakir Agriculture strives to help the Ugandan farmer succeed by bringing top quality organic products to restaurants, processors, and traders that will add additional value to the products. We ensure that only fresh stock reaches you as buying organic is not only healthy but also an encouragement to the organic farmers for growing organic.

Shakir Agriculture Industries Ltd is your one-stop solution to your health needs as we strive to provide exceptionally healthy food. For more details visit our website